Hallstatt, Austria

I went to the world heritage village, Hallstatt in Austria in December 2011.  I stayed in Salzburg and went to Hallstatt from there.There is no direct train and the best route is to take train from Salzburg and change at Attnang-Puchheim for the local train to Hallstatt.

The trip takes about 2.5 hour one way from Salzburg.   The train from Attnang-Puchheim to Hallstatt is not an express train and stops quite often.  Hallstatt station is a small station and I had to pay attention to the stops in order not to miss it.   Once you get out the station, there is a pier right in front and I took the boat there to Hallstatt, just a few minutes ride and it costed about 5 Euro.   So I had to check the boat schedule to get back to the train station from Hallstatt or I would have to stay for 1 night.  I had half day in Hallstatt and I think it was enough for me.  It was a very small town anyway.

You can also get there by post bus line 542 but I found the train easier for me since I am already in Salzburg.

Since I planned to do a day trip there, I only had chance to have lunch at a hotel restaurant next to the lake which the quality was very good. I was 100% satisfied for the seafood pasta I had.  There were terrace seats which is just next to the lake.

From one side of the village to the other side of the village took about only about 30 minutes or less, and if I would have gone in summer, I could have done more activities like hiking and visiting the salt mine.

Salt souvenir in Hallstatt is seen in every shop as from history, Hallstatt has rich deposit of salt and there is a salt mine walk but closed in winter for me, could not visit.  Too bad.  It closed from November to April.  I was there before Xmas.

The cemetery above the church was famous too, got a nice view from the top  and a good photo spot.   The cemetery is like a garden, decorated with all kinds of flowers.   You can see local houses and residence in the walk up the cemetery.

You have to see Hallstatt once in your life as it is very beautiful and peaceful.  I suggested going in summer as there are more things to see in summer.

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